Show Me The Body releases new EP

Show Me The Body photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

Show Me The Body is a New York band. They are based in Queens and part of the Letter Racer collective. Following the recent release of the band’s new video “Bone Soup Outta You,” the band is back today to share their new EP SMTB that officially drops tomorrow exclusively via BitTorrent today. The BitTorrent bundle includes the music of the EP, the “Bone Soup Outta You” video, an unreleased video for “Space Faithful” as well as a digital zine created by the band.


Single Review: Grunge-Sympathists The Black Clouds – “Photograph”

Though some might argue that grunge was never really “alive” per se, The Black Clouds are proclaiming that grunge isn’t dead. Sure, this may be unintentional, but recording your album with Jack Endino (who was behind the desk in some capacity for ’90s titans of teenage doldrums Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and the golden gods of grunge Nirvana) seems somewhat deliberate. Figure in that this same album is being recorded at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 and that Mark Arm actually contributes vocals on a track and it seems like you’re pretty much doing grunge-by-numbers. At least in The Black Clouds’ case, they’re good at it. You can practically see Angela Chase moping away because she caught Jordan Catalano inspecting some flannel princess’s tongue ring when you hear “Photograph”, the first single lifted from The Black Clouds’ forthcoming full length After All. While the single offers nothing in the way of surprise, it’s also a pretty comfortable sound for anyone who can look back at 1993 without cringing. The vocal melodies and rhythm of course owe a debt to Kurt Cobain though the music veers much further into a classic rock influence married with some very slight post-hardcore leanings in some of the guitar work. While technical skill and production earn “Photograph” some merit, it is so steeped in a style forever married to overblown adolescent jadedness that it’s hard not to take any of the song’s vitriol the same way you’d take the rant of a bored teenager. Still, there’s an oddly warm romance that comes through when examining the comically disconnected nihilism through the comfortable haze of nostalgia.

-Seth Styles



Single Review: Canadian Progressive Industrial Metal Duo The Unravelling’s New Single “Revolt”

Calgary-based industrial metal duo The Unravelling are storming stereos with their first single since their acclaimed 2010 record 13 Arcane Hymns. That record established The Unravelling as a sort of distorted, programmed answer to Queensryche in its vast scope and more-is-more approach. “Revolt” carries that torch even further, opening in cinematic style with a dirge of stormtrooper drum programming, soon augmented by militaristic guitar and megaphone-style vocals that recall mid-90s Nothing records acts such as Prick, Dos Dedos Mis Amigos-era Pop Will Eat Itself, and, yes, Nine Inch Nails. Being a sort of beacon for mainstream industrial-metal, it’s no wonder that Nothing’s influence is stamped all over “Revolt” and The Unravelling run dangerously close to falling into a formula that would liken them to Gravity Kills or Stabbing Westward were it not for a contemplative chorus. Where they could easily have charged into the chorus with a barrage of distorted synth and brutal programming, they instead let the song breathe in the atmospheric dust of foreboding and eerie post-apocalyptic guitar. We also get a break from the megaphone-style vocals in these moments, opting for a more vulnerable whispering that adds to the drama. Here we feel that something is truly imminent, raising The Unravelling above the generic trappings of their mainstream peers and predecessors. There’s an anthemic, determined urgency that runs through the appropriately titled “Revolt”, the type of focused dedication that only comes through extreme resistance. The band recognize vocalist/lyricist Steve Moore’s lengthy battle with cancer as not only the explanation for their hiatus but the reason they’ve returned with such vigor. “Revolt” is due out April 25th through The Unravelling’s Bandcamp page.

-Seth Styles



Eternal Summers release “Together or Alone” video, touring with Turbo Fruits

Today, Eternal Summers have released a video for “Together or Alone“, the lead single from their new LP Gold and Stone, out June 2nd on Kanine Records. Noisey, who premiered the video, is calling the video a “dark middle ground between The Fantastic Mr. Fox and a Tool video.” and the track “an angsty, driving indie punk track punctuated with ethereal female vocals that will make you run directly toward the preorder for the LP.” Gold and Stone is available for pre-order now through Pledge Music.


Stream new single from Greek psych quartet The Cave Children

Photos by Mariza Kaapsbeli

Two years have passed since their creation. Two years full of recordings and and live performances around Greece and The Cave Children are now ready to share their first album, entitled ‘Quasiland’.

Situated over the liminal path, ‘Cave Children’ holding the tension between late 60′s  psychedelic rock, the British pop and Mediterranean music.




Pop surrealist Ariel Pink has announced a new batch of tour dates this summer with his 7-piece band for a tour of the UK, Europe and North America. The live stint begins in May with appearances at Levitation (Austin Psych Fest) and Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, and Pitchfork Fest in Chicago.

Having released his 17-track magnum opus pom pom late last year, the LA native follows his triptych of Grant Singer-directed videos (for ‘Put Your Number In My Phone’, ‘Picture Me Gone’ and ‘Dayzed Inn Daydreams’) with a new video for his demented kiddie tune “Jell-O.” Directed by Dan Kapelovitz, the footage is as visually dynamic as the song is catchy and is captured in arresting psychedelic hues. It’s a fitting tribute to its co-writer, the late Kim Fowley, to whom the video is dedicated.



Creative Adult debut Record Store Day EP “Ring Around The Room” via Stereogum

The North Bay’s Creative Adult have unleashed the full EP stream of Ring Around The Room via Stereogum. Due out on Record Store Day – Saturday, April 18th at official RSD outlets and via Run For Cover Records’ store and open-house – Ring Around The Room continues to expand the band’s corrosive sound, soaring to new heights while exploring the depths of blistering post-punk via layers of atmospheric influenced shoegaze, reckless noise punk, and harsh stampeding rhythms. Wallowing in the darkness and writhing with despair, the EP is hypnotic and explosive, luring you into a deceptive calm before erupting in a fit of distortion. Creative Adult vocalist Scott Phillips described the EP as an exploration of ”total isolation, distorted exploration, and the acknowledgement of light in spite of how things seem on the surface” before adding “Creative Adult does not vote.”

After sharing the record’s bleak single and title track via The AV Club, Creative Adult are happy to unveil the album’s complete stream with Stereogum who said the record is ”for the most part languid and churning, but there are short bursts of forceful optimism on each song that propels the EP out of its gloomy genre orientation and into uncharted sonic spaces.” The band are currently continuing their sonic exploration in the studio as they work on their sophomore full length with producer Jack Shirley (Whirr, Tony Molina, Joyce Manor, Deafheaven).



Calvin Love Shares New Single + Announces Tour


photo by: Jean-Phillipe Sansfacon

After recently announcing his new album, Calvin Love is now sharing his second single from Super Future. ”I Wanna Know”, a track that has the new wave crooner yearning for love in a pitch perfect cut of vintage punk rock and future glam, is now available to stream on SoundCloud. The song has been selected as Interview Magazine‘s Track of the Week. Calvin also recently spoke with Interview and let them into his creative world. Love is also excited to announce that he will be joining Jacco Gardner on a North American tour this summer. Super Future will be available on 6/16 via Arts & Crafts. Check out the new single and tour dates below along with the previously released “Daydream” as a stream and video.

“I Wanna Know” - 

Calvin’s speaks with Interview -



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