FILM SCHOOL share “Give Up” from upcoming ‘June’ EP – Live in LA and SF


Today Film School release the second single “Give Up” from their upcoming June EP – the first recording in 10 years by the members known to fans as the “original Beggars lineup.”  FLOOD debuted the song calling it a “pulsating psych piece of equal parts beauty and despair.”

The album reflects a more mature Film School, whose members have gotten married, gotten divorced, bought houses, had kids, struggled with drug addiction, suffered a studio fire, lost jobs, started businesses, taken on daunting responsibilities. In other words, they’re confronting midlife: older and wiser but, ironically, perhaps also more vulnerable.


OUGHT Announce Headlining North American Tour – Dates w/ Priests


Ought hit the road this May on a North American headlining tour – dates include two nights in NYC, D.C., Austin, Nashville and Priests join them this round to support.  In case you’ve missed it, the thrilling and adventurous Montréal-based rock quartet have had a hell of a two years, earning universal support for both their 2014 breakout debut More Than Any Other Day and follow up Sun Coming Downfrom the likes of Rolling Stone, NME, Pitchfork, NPR, Spin and more.  Ought deliver an earnest and exuberant post-punk: dextrous and exacting while bursting with propulsive and fluid energy, as indebted to Cap’n Jazz as to Talking Heads.

Sun Coming Down is available now on Constellation and a full list of tour dates is available below.



Prince Rama Premieres New Track “Slip Into Nevermore” on Pitchfork Radio


Photo credit: Derrick Belcham
Brooklyn’s Prince Rama premiered an opulent new track, “Slip Into Nevermore,” on Pitchfork Radio’s Men’s Fashion Week broadcast last night. “Slip Into Nevermore” will appear on Prince Rama’s forthcoming extreme sports-themed album Xtreme Now, out March 4 on Carpark Records.

“‘Slip Into Nevermore’ was written inside an ancient Viking ruin on a remote island in Estonia as a last minute resort to try to prevent a friend from committing suicide. With its haunting synths and angelic vocals, it totally did the trick.” – Prince Rama



A Shoreline Dream to Release ‘Revolvist’ Single


Revelations into the upcoming album continue to resonate from US based progressive shoegazers A Shoreline Dream with the latest single/video titled “Revolvist”. Inspired by sounds of music past while longing for something to trudge through the snowy months with, the song itself is a bass-driven, goth influenced dance number from vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Policky.

During a month-long stint locked away for the early winter, “Revolvist” made it’s way from this half coherant dream, into a full-on explosion of sound ready to be leaked out to fans ‘in real time’, as the album remains in the works. “Revolvist” is the second single to be revealed from the forthcoming LP, following up “Time Is A Machine Gun”, a track that Stereo Embers Magazine ranked at as #8 best track of 2015.


Porches Release New Song “Car”, LP Out This Friday On Domino


Photo Credit: Jessica Lehrman

Porches’ new LP Pool is out via Domino this Friday, February 5th, and is fast shaping up to be one of the most anticipated albums so far this year. Ahead of its release, the band have unveiled another song, titled ‘Car’, which was featured in the Sirius XMU Download 15 this past weekend and is now available to listen toHERE. Porches’ Aaron Maine tells us about the song, saying “‘Car’ is about leaving a place where you’re unhappy and the beauty of arriving somewhere where you feel good.  Whether you escape physically or mentally it’s just about using your facilities to take control of your situation. Positive mental attitude.”

The video for the single “Be Apart” was also recently released, and gained a Best New Track stamp of approval from Pitchfork who write: ‘”Be Apart” appears less about the ecstasy of the dance floor than a more particular kind of excitement – one that comes with embracing the fear of the first step towards it.”


Terribly Yours Releases New Track “No Genius,” Playing Debut Show at Bowery Electric Next Week


Terribly Yours, the New Wave indie project of Brooklyn’s Sean Bones, is pleased to release his new single “No Genius,” a dysfunctional break up song with a nod to OMD and The Cars.

Terribly Yours will play its first show on Friday, February 5 at the Bowery Electric.
Praise for Terribly Yours:
“The beautiful first single to be released under the Terribly Yours name is a true reflection on his dismaying hesitation to open up and share his soul to the world again. The lyrics resonate of his personal awakening and reassurance on his place in music… Gentle guitars and piano verses build the track into a cinematic journey that peaks with ascending harmonies.” – Stereogum
“Sweet lo-fi pop.” – Noisey


New Video from Drangsal


Max Gruber is Drangsal, though the man and his persona are so nervous that their turmoil makes them melt into one. Max rarely sleeps, he works restlessly on his music, day and night. He doesn’t dream, but his days are satiate with fantasies. “Seid lieb zu uns, wir sind noch Kinder” –Be kind to us, we are only children–, pleads the mastermind into his microphone, at once delicate and brutal at heart. The concert is sold out – and the crowd is not just kind, they are euphoric. Even though there are only a few demos so far. This young guy has got charm, that’s for sure – his entrance promises a spectacle, and his energy lives up to that.  Harieschaim, the 22-year-old’s first album, is a succession of fast, pumped pop songs – let’s say: a pop prodigy? –, no breathing space, the referential decade of the 80s gets run down and broken.

Harieschaim, today’s Herxheim, is a strange village too – Max’s birth place, to be exact. Nowhere else in Germany has cannibalism existed as long as here, in the nearby place Hinterkaifeck an entire family was murdered, naturally distant relatives from Max’s family tree. But Herxheim is where it all began: His father owned a pub, recorded mixtapes for it, played them to his boy in the car. The child became so addicted to the often English music that he would soon express himself bilingually. A popcultural childhood. At age 5 Max watched MTV with his parents, got lost in Marilyn Manson’s The Dope Show. That was when he knew: I want to be something like that, somehow. A weirdo. At least when puberty had hit, he realised he already was one. But you might just as well call him a character. Now it was up to the determined youngster to find shapes for his diffuse being. And all of that in a little village in Germany’s deeply Catholic southwest! It was a school of hard knocks for Max: “Either I’ll let them beat me up in the break, or I’ll paint my fingernails an even brighter colour”.


Sioux Falls Release New Song From Forthcoming “Rot Forever”


Sioux Falls will release Rot Forever via Broken World Media and Standard Brickhouse on February 19th, and you can hear a new track now (see Punknews post)…

Born under the big skies of Bozeman, Montana, post-punk triad Sioux Falls is Isaac Eiger (vocals/guitar), Fred Nixon (bass), and Ben Scott (drums). Eiger and Nixon started playing together at sixteen, and in 2010 released their first EP The Ace House Tapes. After graduating from high school the pair moved west to Portland and cycled through a whopping six drummers before serendipitously finding Scott on Craigslist.  With a handful of EPs and split EPs already under their belts, Sioux Falls has proven that their songs are as chaotic as their live shows, which are often held in the group’s pungent basement.



Summer Flake Announces ‘Hello Friends’ LP Out 4/8 on Rice is Nice, Premieres Single “Shoot And Score”


Australia’s Stephanie Craise, aka Summer Flake, today announces her LP Hello Friends, which will be released via Rice Is Nice Records on April 8th. Stereogum offered the first taste of the new album, premiering single “Shoot And Score,” noting “A hypnotic guitar riff and a steady drum beat create a sound that could lull you to a trance. Then Stephanie Crase’s ethereal voice enters the frame to lead you deeper into “Shoot And Score,” the eerie, transcendent first single off Summer Flake’s upcoming Hello Friends…This particular riff builds up such hypnotic momentum that when “Shoot And Score” reaches its abrupt ending, it leaves you wanting more. “Shoot and score, take what’s yours,” Crase sings, perhaps forecasting her group’s inevitable rise to prominence.