ALBUM REVIEW: The Long Dark Road Take You On a Tour of Black Metal’s Outer Limits

The Long Dark Road

Leave it to a band called The Long Dark Road to not want to tread on a well-worn path. But that’s exactly what deterred the band’s mastermind Jeremy Cavan from taking the safe path through the deep, dark forests of black metal. Not wanting to do another by-the-numbers black metal group, Cavan’s interest in the genre was reignited upon hearing “blackgaze” band Deafheaven. So, instead of joining the caravan of bands on the path, Cavan instead sought the blurred boundaries of black metal…and then crossed them. The result are the 4 expansive tracks that make up The Long Dark Road’s self-titled debut full length.

New music from Electric Floor and from Joel Gion (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)


“Joel Gion sets controls for the heart of the sun for a desert-fried space rock adventure” – Clash Music
“Drenched in psychedelic powers that simmer to allow Joel’s voice to beautifully grace us… fuses The Brian Jonestown Massacre years into his own work” – Gigslutz
“When the melodies are this heavenly, just let yourself drift blissfully away with them” – The Skinny
“Firmly in the BJM’s psychedelic ’60s wheelhouse, but this is pretty together stuff and Gion has more up his sleeve than a tambourine” -BrooklynVegan
“A ride through in search of unknown pleasures while gleaning glimpses of future-past” – Santa Barbara Independent
Joel Gion is releasing his new single ‘Tomorrow‘ and it is the psych rock tune we all need to welcome 2017.  Perhaps best known for his long and strange career as the legendary ‘Tambourine Man’ with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, in recent years, this percussionist has also emerged as a singer-songwriter in his own right. He has released various singles, as well as the well-received full length album ‘Apple Bonkers‘.


ALBUM REVIEW: TALIA Presents a Modern French Take on American Grunge


Have you ever imagined what a French take on American grunge rock would sound like? Me neither but the answer has come to us courtesy of Parisian band TALIA and their latest full length release Thugs They Look Like Angels. TALIA may have originated in Paris but have since relocated to Los Angeles where they quickly nabbed a spot opening for Soul Asylum who wrote the inescapable (whether you liked it or not) ‘90s single “Runaway Train.”

TALIA’s love for the sound of the mid- to late-‘90s is worn on their sleeves (sleeves of jackets purchased from ARMY Surplus I can only assume). Several tracks are built upon Alice Thomas’s bass lines which owe a debt to Kim Deal, Hervé Goardou’s drums plod and hammer the tried-and-true rhythms of disillusionment, and Nicolas Costa’s vocals are suitably gravelly. Yet, from the very opening of lead-off track “American Bride”, it’s very clear that we’re not listening to a band from the ‘90s. Everything that has happened in mainstream rock between 1998 and now has seeped into TALIA’s sound, adding a weird radio-friendly upbeat undercurrent that prevents Thugs They Look Like Angels from ever sounding self-loathing. And let’s face it, the best aspect of ‘90s alternative rock was the self-loathing. It was often unintentionally funny but what could appeal more to a teenage sensibility than a song called “I Hate Myself and Want to Die”? The closest TALIA gets are titles like “Play Dead” that sounds upbeat in a manic Pixies sort of way or “Self-Induced Fever” that would be at home alongside anything by the Goo Goo Dolls.



Moscow’s Sounds of Sputnik to release new EP


“A musical masterpiece!… a musical match made in heaven… A must-have album for anyone who adores everything good about the Electronic, Post Rock, Dreampop & Shoegazing genres” – Primal Music Blog

“Transcending physical and political boundaries to make sonic nu-dreamscapes” – Impose Magazine

“Perfect match of pristine vocals with the alternative rock stylings of Swervedriver” – Stereo Embers Magazine

“A sense of grandiosity” – Sounds Better With Reverb

“Kaleidoscope of reverb-soaked guitar, intricate drums, heavy bass and distorted guitars intertwined with ethereal vocals” – Louder Than War

“For all the things concealed behind the iron curtain, one very cool sonic phenomenon has emerged – Sounds of Sputnik.The world is a slightly better place thanks to their musings” – Graham Bonnar (Swervedriver, Brian Jonestown Massacre)

Moscow’s Sounds of Sputnik has announced they will release their new‘New Born Remixed’ EP via Emerald & Doreen Recordings. Surrounding tracks co-written, produced, and recorded by Canadian-Ukrainian dreampop duo Ummagma, these tracks also feature stellar vocals from Ummagma’s Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov.


The Wedding Present Previews ‘Broken Bow’ from ‘Going, Going…’ LP


Bursting with some tremendous songs and a vitality that belies over 30 years in the game – The Quietus
It’s hard to deny the brilliance of a band that, so late in its career, can crank out an album as passionate, hook-filled, and flat-out fiery as this -AllMusic
Full of bizarre twists and turns that make it unlike any album they have released to date – Drowned In Sound
He’s sure as hell not mellowing with age – The Line of Best Fit

The Wedding Present present their track ‘Broken Bow’ not long after premiering Kill Devil Hills. These are among the more animated bustling tracks from their new album ‘Going, Going…’, referencing the interplay between alienation, distance and freedom for the first track and a sensual predatory encounter in the second. This UK indie cult band’s widely anticipated ninth studio album gets its vinyl release on December 2nd in North America via Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (HHBTM)The album retells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty ‘linked’ songs, each with an accompanying short film.


ALBUM REVIEW: Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders Ill-Timed “Joke”


Get Off Easy, the latest full length from Canadian sleaze rockers Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders, comes off about as graceful and well-timed as a fart joke in a wedding speech. I suppose the cover art, a greasy sausage dipped into a glass of whiskey on the rocks, should have been fair warning. Obviously, an album like this isn’t meant to be taken seriously but it’s still hard to ignore the awkward timing of this “joke” that’s been told a million times before yet needs to be told again while rape culture is more apparent than it’s ever been.


Athens psych-trio Chickn shares the first track from their upcoming debut album



Chinkn’s Aleppo sounds like a lost Aphrodite Child demo dipped in classic rock fanaticism.

Chickn is a modular music group formed during the Christmas holidays of 2012 in Athens, Greece. They recorded their first demo in the summer of 2013, when they obtained their current form. Chickn are Angelos Krallis (vocals, guitars, lute, ,tsambouna, udu), Evangelos Aslanides (drums, percussion, djembe, darbuka, bendir) and Pantelis Karasevdas (drums, percussion, congas, djembe).

Chicken’s debut, self-titled, LP will be out 10/10/16 on Inner Ear Records. This is a radio zapping on a 68-minute car drive. This is a field unfolding in front of your very eyes and at the same time a call of wandering. This is an attempt of some people to invent themselves through playing. This is Jetztzeit rock. A sound conceived as jump in the free sky of history.



SINGLE REVIEW: The Spiders Give America the Single They Deserve with “Election Day”


If you’re American, it didn’t really matter where you fell on the political spectrum after this week’s presidential debate; you were angry to say the least. The general sentiment being that neither option on the ballot is really ideal, it was to be expected that the musical tributes to our impending dissatisfaction began rolling in. While you might find your mood best matched by some enraged anarcho a-la Crass, that’s not even close to what we’re offered by New Jersey rock trio The Spiders and their timely new single “Election Day.”

However, perhaps what they present is a bit more appropriate for the edge-of-apocalypse vibe in the U.S. Opening with some good ol’ fashioned Southern rock riffage, it’s not long before head Spider Nick DeStefano’s cock rock-inspired vocals sneer into the spotlight, narrating the dismal decision the country faces this November. Over the next 3 minutes, he airs out the country’s communal grievances, highlighting that while this election has left us fairly divided, we are united in our crippling disappointment. The choruses come across as a sarcastic fist pumping pep rally right at home in the heart of a song about America’s baffling present circumstance.

At the end of the day, if I’m feeling angry, I’m probably going to listen to some late ‘70s punk. But between the generic rock riffs and all-American vocals, The Spiders do drive home the point that politics isn’t a niche genre; it’s a saturating universal which is pretty disturbing.


WEIRD. Announces Live Video, Teases New Single and Announces Tour (starts Sept. 15)


After a short summer break and the writing of material for their third album nearly complete, WEIRD. have announced there is a new single on the horizon first, for which they are offering a work-in-progress teaser, a somewhat minimalistic version of the track-to-come. They have also announced they will tour this month, with dates confirmed in various cities in Italy, France and Switzerland, and have just released a new live video of ‘Infinite Decay’ as a taste of what to expect.

During the Italian leg of the tour, they will tour with New York’s legendary shoegaze outfit THE VELDT, key protégés of Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and contemporaries of A.R.Kane. The Veldt will be touring Italy for the first time as part of their wider European tour, in promotion of their new EP ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’.


OUT FRIDAY Rachel Mason ‘Tigers in the Dark’


Renowned performance artist and musician Rachel Mason, freshly signed to Los Angeles-based Cleopatra Records, has announced her forthcoming single ‘Tigers in the Dark’, along with an accompanying video, directed byMatthew Spiegelman and choreographed by Haylee Nichele. This is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘Das Ram’. The single, which is due out on September 9, will be followed by the ‘Das Ram’ LP, to be released digitally by Cleopatra Records and on limited edition cassette by Practical Records.

This song is written from the voice of an imaginary animal-human hybrid, who expresses the idea that real life only occurs on the stage, as it represents the creative dimension where everything is possible.