avoid!avoid Release Particle and Wave


Today (April 1) avoid!avoid release Particle And Wave on Flying Nun Records

While relatively new, the three-piece have already released an EP (Low Earth Orbit) and opened for the likes of The Fall and High Dependency Unit. Now, they are making their recorded debut album in the form of Particle and Wave. The six track release has been described as “psychospheric goodness” and it is really no surprise considering the band’s line up, featuring keyboardist and vocalist Sonya Waters (Fang and White Swan Black Swan) along with guitarist Stephen Reay and Brendan Moran (The Hasselhoff Experiment) from former Flying Nun act The Subliminals.

“….an excellent combination of motorik beats and droning guitars with the keyboard forming the backbone; filling out the bottom end and providing saw-toothed squelching highlights” 
– Nich Cunningham, Undertheradar.co.nz.

avoid!avoid is distributed in New Zealand/Australia via Flying Outand the Rest of the World via Secretly Canadian Distribution