David Lynch announces new 12″ for Sacred Bones feat. a Venetian Snares remix

On the heels of David Lynch’s sophomore full length, The Big Dream, comes the very limited edition 12″ single for “Bad the John Boy.” Lynch and his producer Dean Hurley conceived this harrowing track while in the process of creating The Big Dream. Lynch’s vocal approach alongside the track’s throbbing pulse provides an unsettling & thrilling listen.

Magic Monster Birthday Party 3-14-13

Magic Monster March PHOTO BOOTH!!!!!!!!

Highlights From The 24 Hour Live Fundraiser Broadcast 2012

When it came time to raise cash for our appearance at SXSW, Magic Monster called on friends new and old to join us as we braved sleep deprivation, ghost stories, and close encounters of every kind in a 24-hour live broadcast heard round the world. We forged through a hybrid terrain of Wonderland and Oz, meeting characters stranger and stranger, barring us from sweet slumberland in the name of quality radio. Audio recordings of these shocking events have surfaced and we’ve decided to make this diary of the damned available to stream below. But be warned as these events are not for the faint of heart. Or for those that require at least 7 hours of sleep a night to function. (more…)