Fake Moss Release “Under The Great Black Sky”


After a three year hiatus following the barely noticable dissolution of the earlier four-piece incarnation of the band, vocalist, guitarist and song writer Erik Johnsson decided it was time to record some music again.

Teaming up in 2008 with D. Kaufeldt – the engineer for the EP “She´s smashing the room again” and the album “It’s you against the city tonight” – some seriously unfocused studio sessions on an irregular basis commenced.

From Erik’s ever growing collection of great demos, snippets/riffs and/or lyrics, 11 songs were quite quickly assembled and boiled down to their essentials, then developed and confirmed as good enough to continue working with.

The primary problem was figuring out how the songs were going to sound in the end. The duo quite early on decided against making normal music, so the process of figuring out what “normal” vis-à-vis “not normal” exactly meant inevitably took rather a long time. Four years to be precise.

In around 2012 most of the ideas had been recorded, but they were a complete mess which had to be sorted. This required another two years. So obviously, no short cuts were taken. If a broken plate reverb was needed, a plate reverb was built and then broken. Hopefully these efforts can be heard.

Apart from a few common musical denominators of Johnsson & Kaufeldt (e.g. the vocal reverb on Diary of a madman, early OMD and David Bowie), inspiration was sought in visuals rather than sounds. One image per song was verbalized and served as a template for the sound. For instance an old man in a freezer in front of a table full of food, or a green Jaguar with two (possibly dead) people in it.

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