Ghost Wave Announce New Album Radio Norfolk and Share Video


New Zealand’s Ghost Wave return with their sophomore album Radio Norfolk. 

Following on from 2013’s Ages the latest album sees the duo explore deeper into their psychedelic sound, while adding a more electronic focus to their sunny warped songs.

From the opening track onwards Radio Norfolk is a series of trippy, psych hooks filled with clashes of keys, organs, and percussion. Taking minimal cues from their previous work, Radio Norfolk’s songs dance through a colourful, hyperactive rhythm sets (All U Do Is Kill), dazed, dub-laden melodies (Honeypunch, Blues Signal ’79), 70s jangle gems (Don’t Ask Why, Slow Cone Descent), the album offers no limit to the duo’s vision.  It’s the album they started a band to make, in the first place. On top of this, they aptly brought on the talents of Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom to master the record.

With a less serious, yet more focused, approach to their craft and seeking good times only, they created  individual production personas (Malcolm S/ Dr Billy) and huddled up for a year in their Auckland studio, Breeze N Soul (named after the Kool & The Gang song).

Ghost Wave started life in 2012 as the brainchild of Matt Paul (Vocals, Guitar). What was a initially a project relegated to a small room in Auckland, New Zealand over time the sonic chemistry he was cooking up caught the attention of fellow music maker and soon-to-be collaboratorEammon Logan (Drums). Together they self-recorded what came to be their self- titled EP and followed this up with debut album Ages.

Inspired by skate vids, persian rugs and the music of Little Richard, you could simply characterize Ghost Wave by jangly guitars underpinned by motor-style rhythms and a unique melodic sensibility. Yet, with Radio Norfolk they have gone further than that, creating something even more captivating and intriguing. In their own words it’s “ …the countdown to the meltdown.

Radio Norfolk is out in New Zealand on 8th of July and worldwide on 5th of August. The next single Honeypunch drops on 24th of June.

Ghost Wave play their album release show on 8th of July at the Las Vegas Strip Club Auckland – with special guest Peach Milk.

” You need songs, and Ghost Wave has plenty. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they come from a place in the world that continues to be a limitless source. Maybe there’s something in New Zealand’s water.” – Paste Magazine.

“a mesmeric jam which puts the bass up front, the drums on kraut-y repeat and the vocals way down (just murmurs). There’s a Clean-like drone in this one, but the guitars have a Sonic-Youth-circa-Rather Ripped sheen.” – Blurt Magazine

“….songs for a real summer’s summer, one of those idyllic ones you see in faded photos from the 60s with surfboards and oversized sunglasses.” – Pitchfork

“Ages takes its place in the storied Flying Nun lineage without sounding solely like a replica of previous chapters”. – All Music Guide