Michael Zaxxon “My Body Is Dead” out on April 8.


michael zaxxxon. Michael Zaxxon. MICHAEL ZAXXON! M.I.C.H.A.E.L. fucking Z.A.X.X.O.N!!!

So what is this you ask? Well, it’s the sound of something called LOVE… something with HEART…and no, perhaps not soul, but if we did have did have a soul we would put it RIGHT HERE. For you. For us. For the sake of absolutely nothing but the pure joy if being HERE and doing THIS right NOW. Yes! What you call a personal insult we call ART… a thing of BEAUTY.

And why bother sending this to YOU of all people? Well, maybe we just want to annoy you. I mean…Pop music!? Come on, no one has played guitars since the fucking sixties for gods sake!!!

So, you will HATE MICHAEL ZAXXON and you will HATE “MY BODY IS DEAD”. But if it’s of any comfort we’ve at least had the dececy of making it less than 1 minute long. So, here you go…
/Michael Zaxxon!