SINGLE REVIEW: The smallest Creature Share Short But Bittersweet Single “Reboot”


The new single from Cyprus-based pop rock trio The smallest Creature is fittingly titled “Reboot” as it conjures sonic reminders of late-‘90s radio rock and post-Britpop tunesmithery, whether intentional or not. A vulnerable repetition of rhythmic acoustic guitar chords set the tone with distant vocals calling across militant drums, a well-rooted bassline and gusts of strings which bring a golden warmth to the otherwise cold inevitability of the verse.

Yet, as “Reboot” explodes into its emotionally wailing chorus, it becomes evident that the song’s true power is in its quitter moments, when the intensity of the emotion has room to breathe and build. While the chorus drags you back to some secluded point of 1997, the verse has a timeless whirling quality defying the stern drum cadence and gray melodies, propelling us ever forward.

We’re left in torrents of frigid guitar playing off the chorus melody before pulling back into a contemplative feedback-strewn skeleton of the verse. Short but bittersweet.