SINGLE REVIEW: The Spiders Give America the Single They Deserve with “Election Day”


If you’re American, it didn’t really matter where you fell on the political spectrum after this week’s presidential debate; you were angry to say the least. The general sentiment being that neither option on the ballot is really ideal, it was to be expected that the musical tributes to our impending dissatisfaction began rolling in. While you might find your mood best matched by some enraged anarcho a-la Crass, that’s not even close to what we’re offered by New Jersey rock trio The Spiders and their timely new single “Election Day.”

However, perhaps what they present is a bit more appropriate for the edge-of-apocalypse vibe in the U.S. Opening with some good ol’ fashioned Southern rock riffage, it’s not long before head Spider Nick DeStefano’s cock rock-inspired vocals sneer into the spotlight, narrating the dismal decision the country faces this November. Over the next 3 minutes, he airs out the country’s communal grievances, highlighting that while this election has left us fairly divided, we are united in our crippling disappointment. The choruses come across as a sarcastic fist pumping pep rally right at home in the heart of a song about America’s baffling present circumstance.

At the end of the day, if I’m feeling angry, I’m probably going to listen to some late ‘70s punk. But between the generic rock riffs and all-American vocals, The Spiders do drive home the point that politics isn’t a niche genre; it’s a saturating universal which is pretty disturbing.