SINGLE REVIEW: viseMènn Perfect the Art of Moping on “Begging You Please”


The latest single from Norway’s viseMènn find the band carefully exploring the cavernous hollows of atmospheric mope rock. Crestfallen guitar and softly glowing moonlit synth hang loosely from the frame of a skeletal scarecrow frame of drumming, swelling and collapsing as if tumbled and tussled by a lazy yet insistent breeze. “Begging You Please” is somehow emotionally vulnerable and casually disconnected at the same time, with pleading vocals seeming to disassociate from the poltergeists of music rising and falling in the expanses between. The track hangs heavy with an emotional weariness mirrored in the staggering, stumbling beat as the song, drunken and depressed, collapses face first yet sinks through the floorboards in a light, semi-corporeal dream state; unharmed save for a touch of despair.