Psychic TV detail new album ‘Alienist’. Reissuing ‘Force The Hand of Chance’. Touring. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge stars in Marc Jacobs’ fall campaign.


Psychic TV Detail New Album Alienist
Alienist includes two original tracks: the haunting yet emotional “I’m Looking For You”; an epic, multi-layered, metaphysical exploration in the form of a conversation between Genesis and “Lucifer”, who is in hiding after his failed rebellion is over, and the title track “Alienist”which is a delightful fusion of dance grooves harking back to PTV’s Acid House days and the group’s current love of heavy psychedelic rock.
On a European tour in 2009, Genesis proposed the band perform the classic “Maggot Brain” by Funkadelic as a musical interlude. After the tour, the band went into the studio to give a try at a recorded interpretation of the song. The result was astounding and the band set forth on a series of 12″ records, yearly interpreting a rock classic and then offering a new song on the B side. Mostly chosen by drummer and co-producer Edley ODowd, songs have previously included “Silver Machine” by Hawkwind, “Mother Sky” by Can and “Dropout Boogie” by Captain Beefheart.


Icky Blossoms Release Virtual Reality Video For “Phantasmagoria”


Photo Credit: Aaron Gum
Omaha’s electronic pop trio Icky Blossoms are excited to share their virtual reality video for their song “Phantasmagoria” today via AV Club.  Created by 2DArray, the music video is a full virtual reality experience.  Watch it on your phone to explore every corner of the animation on YouTube. (It’s also available for download on the Oculus Rift.)  The song can be found on Icky Blossoms’ album Mask, out now via Saddle Creek.


Odonis Odonis share new single “Nervous” – Live dates announced – ‘Post Plague’ out on felte June 17


Photo: Geoff Fitzgerald

Odonis Odonis strike us with “Nervous”.  The powerful single is the trio’s second glimpse into what’s to come on their forthcoming album, Post Plague – out June 17th on felte.“Nervous” debuted with FADER who’ve titled it “a visceral pushback.”
Odonis Odonis explain the lyrical idea behind “Nervous”:  “Since the beginning of human existence, mankind has obsessed with creating perfection, but the flesh will always remain flawed. We now live in an era where we can selectively post on social media and create an idealized version of ourselves to present to the world. What if you could take that one step further? What if you could be the perfect version of yourself? Take a full body image scan of yourself at your favorite age and transplant all your favorite memories into a perfect Avatar of one’s self. Sounds crazy but all of this is around the corner and things are about to speed up.”


PERTURBATOR unveils first single “Neo Tokyo” from ‘The Uncanny Valley’ – out May 6 on Blood Music. Details Bonus EP.


Photo: David Fitt

Today the one-man Parisian powerhouse, Perturbator unveils the first single “Neo Tokyo” from his highly-awaited fourth album, The Uncanny Valley. NPR debuted“Neo Tokyo” describing “Kent’s retro-futurism is violent and surreal, but fully inhabited in his barrage of synths, which help conjure a dark urban future that’s as sleek as a lightcycle and as menacing as a machine-gun arm.”

Mastermind James “Perturbator” Kent stormed onto the retrosynth scene with his perfect rehash and improvement upon 1970s and 1980s analog synthesized film scores. His oeuvre expertly recounts and expands upon the work of John Carpenter (Halloween), Vangelis (Blade Runner) and Goblin (Suspiria) evoking nocturnal visions of neon-glyphed cyberpunk desperation.

Charlie Hilton shares “Something For Us All” video, announced tour dates with Wild Nothing


Photo Credit: Miranda Lehman

Charlie Hilton has shared a video for “Something For Us All.”  The latest offering from her stunning debut album, Palana, out now on Captured Tracks.  The FADER premiered the Chris Taylor directed video and said it “finds beauty in loneliness, confusion, and longing.”

Charlie has also announced a string of Spring tour dates with Wild Nothing, Whitney and Mac DeMarco. All dates below.


Canada’s Meter Bridge and London’s Rodney Cromwell team up on ‘It Was Nothing’ single


Canadian synthwave duo Meter Bridge are releasing their latest single ‘It Was Nothing’ through WEATNU Records. Comprised of two tracks, this is being offered as a free download via Bandcamp. In this thoughtfully arranged and sparkly composition, moogs whistle and rhythms click into the night, as these two voices blend into a sound that is part Human League, part Blade Runner, and 100% Meter Bridge.

Meter Bridge, who are Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu, have a distinctive and unmistakable sonic identity, unique from anybody else on the current electronica scene. This is led by their trademark multi-layered boy / girl melodic vocals, melded with minimalistic groove-infused alternative dance melodies teetering between retro and futuristic.

It Was Nothing is about a public figure spreading lies that play on peoples’ heartstrings… for the purpose of getting millions of people supporting a false agenda,” explained frontwoman Jill Beaulieu. “This kind of hypocrisy is very difficult to expose… because ignorance is bliss.”


PERTURBATOR Details ‘The Uncanny Valley’ – out May 6 on Blood Music


One-man Parisian powerhouse, Perturbator has unveiled the artwork and tracklisting from his highly-awaited fourth album, The Uncanny Valley, which sees its worldwide release on May 6th via Blood Music.

Mastermind James “Perturbator” Kent stormed onto the retrosynth scene with his perfect rehash and improvement upon 1970s and 1980s analog synthesized film scores. His oeuvre expertly recounts and expands upon the work of John Carpenter (Halloween), Vangelis (Blade Runner) and Goblin (Suspiria) evoking nocturnal visions of neon-glyphed cyberpunk desperation.


Fake Moss Release “Under The Great Black Sky”


After a three year hiatus following the barely noticable dissolution of the earlier four-piece incarnation of the band, vocalist, guitarist and song writer Erik Johnsson decided it was time to record some music again.

Teaming up in 2008 with D. Kaufeldt – the engineer for the EP “She´s smashing the room again” and the album “It’s you against the city tonight” – some seriously unfocused studio sessions on an irregular basis commenced.

From Erik’s ever growing collection of great demos, snippets/riffs and/or lyrics, 11 songs were quite quickly assembled and boiled down to their essentials, then developed and confirmed as good enough to continue working with.


We Are Temporary – Crossing Over ☆ Out Feb 19 via Stars & Letters


We Are Temporary, the wired and weird brainchild of Brooklyn’s Mark Roberts, is as much the result of a musical obsession as a philosophical one. With boldly confessional lyrics and vocal deliveries funneled through nightfall beats and orchestral synths, We Are Temporary mines through the dark matter of personal experience: a near-death incident and debilitating anxiety attacks; a near divorce; a privileged, but tumultuous childhood in Europe’s opera houses; his humanistic atheism versus his wife’s devout Mormonism.